Crown Prince Foundation logoThe Crown Prince Foundation (CPF) was established in 2015 as part of His Royal Highness Crown Prince Al Hussein bin Abdullah II’s commitment to building a bright future for the youth of Jordan.

The Foundation is built to inspire the youth and guide them to participate in serving their communities, taking upon themselves leadership roles, and investing in available social and economic opportunities.

The Foundation aims to build the capacities and skills of youth in Jordan with a vision of ‘A capable youth for an aspiring Jordan’. The work of the Foundation embodies the faith of His Royal Highness in the great potential of young Jordanians if provided the opportunity to fulfill their role in the development process as active citizens.

The Foundation works across all governorates through its Strategy, which is composed of three main strategic pillars:
•    Employability and Entrepreneurship
•    Leadership
•    Citizenship

The Foundation currently oversees 12 initiatives and programs that cover multiple sectors.

The Crown Prince Award for Best Government Application is an initiative of the Crown Prince Foundation. It is part of a group of strategic initiatives and projects being implemented between Jordan and the UAE and in partnership with the Prime Ministry of Jordan. The initiative is centered upon...

The Platform for the National Youth Engagement and Volunteering Program (Nahno) was launched by the Crown Prince Foundation, Naua for Sustainable Development, and UNICEF Jordan in a strategic partnership with the Ministry of Youth. Nahno aims to unify volunteerism and youth engagement efforts at...

(A pioneering model for the advancement of education, vocational and technical work)

Al-Hussein Technical University (HTU), a CPF initiative, is a non-profit private university established to enhance technical education and provide the labor market with qualified youth...

(Enriching the innovation ecosystem to find entrepreneurial solutions)

TechWorks is a digital fabrication lab with state-of-the-art equipment that aims to support innovations and young Jordanian innovators. It works towards promoting technical learning and strengthening...

(Teaching the language of the age, coding)

The One Million Jordanian Coders Initiative is an online platform that aims to enhance the capacities of Jordanian youth to match the demands of the labor market by providing the language of the present: programming. In addition...

(A national program to develop the leadership skills of youth)

The Hussein Fellowship Program (HFP) is a pioneering national program with a progressive vision and a new model for promoting leadership among young men and women and integrating them within professional...

Hearing Without Borders is an initiative that supports children with hearing impairment so that they can be fully integrated as effective members of society. The initiative is implemented in partnership with the Royal Medical Services and the Ministry of Health, the largest providers of medical...

Qusai is an initiative of the Crown Prince Foundation launched by His Highness Crown Prince Al-Hussein bin Abdullah II in the wake of the unfortunate medical incident that led to the passing away of athlete Qusai Al-Khawaldeh, may he rest in peace, with the belief that the safety of athletes is an integral component of sporting achievement.

Qusai is a pioneering initiative in the sports sector implemented in partnership with the Jordan Olympic Committee. Qusai aims to rehabilitate and train sports therapists to treat any emergency or injury that athletes may be exposed to during sports training or during their participation in matches, championships, and in local and international sports forums in order to ensure their safety and protection.

(Promoting the values of citizenship, leadership, and community service)

Haqiq is a youth leadership initiative established with the aim of promoting a system of values inherited from our history among youth in Jordan, and highlighting their capacity to be active citizens, while fostering a sense of belonging to their country to become contributors to the development process of the Kingdom.

The students participating in the initiative progress through several stages. At each stage, their capacities for teamwork are developed to build team spirit and strengthen leadership notions, thus extending their knowledge and skills.

Haqiq was launched in 2013 and targets male and female school students from across the governorates. It is currently being conducted in partnership with the Ministry of Education and is embedded as one of its programs and activities. The initiative is gradually implementing its activities in all the Kingdom’s schools. It focuses on developing young people’s life, personal, leadership, and social skills in a manner that fosters belonging, loyalty, and active citizenship. It also promotes volunteerism in a way that serves the needs of Jordanian society.