His Majesty King Abdullah II frequently reiterates the need for policy makers to engage youth and create opportunities for the next generation. These opportunities are for better education, economic growth and political inclusion.

His Majesty states that “Reform —economic and political— was the only road forward to give everyone a stake in the process and a share of the fruits of success.”  The Crown Prince’s actively assists in bringing His Majesty’s words to fruition. 

HRH Crown Prince's initiatives aim to offer youth the chance to take part in building and developing their country. The Haqiq Initiative, for example, allows grade nine to eleven students from across the Kingdom to engage and interact so that a unity is built at the grassroots level. The participants practice active citizenship and responsibility by taking part in volunteer programs throughout the country and within their own communities. 

The Crown Prince is also interested in Higher Education and providing education that meets the needs of the youth, who are a vital labor force, as well as the needs of the private sector industries of the country and the region.

Marking the country with vibrancy, the Crown Prince has followed His Majesty King Abdullah’s footsteps and is becoming a man among his people. He visits different Jordanian entities, both governmental and non-governmental, to actively listen to their needs and ideas for creating a better country. In this way, HRH Crown Prince Al Hussein institutes His Majesty’s vision of inclusiveness and participation in the creation of a brighter future.