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King, accompanied by Crown Prince, visits Mafraq, meets with its key figures

April 24, 2019
King, accompanied by Crown Prince, visits Mafraq, meets with its key figures

His Majesty King Abdullah, accompanied by His Royal Highness Crown Prince Al Hussein bin Abdullah II, visited Mafraq on Wednesday and met with representatives and key figures from the governorate.

King Abdullah expressed delight for being with fellow Jordanians in Mafraq during the meeting, which comes as part of a series of ongoing public outreach meetings.

His Majesty referred to the challenges facing Mafraq due to the refugee crisis, saying: “Of all Jordanian regions, you are under pressure the most in the north, especially Mafraq, due to the consequences of the Syrian crisis.”

The King added that the refugee crisis has affected the quality of services and job opportunities, and has caused a hike in rent prices, in addition to other challenges facing the governorate in terms of urban planning and the distribution of services.

His Majesty stressed that Jordanians have had to shoulder much of the cost related to the Syrian refugee crisis, noting that Jordanians are known for their compassion and solidarity.

The King reiterated the importance of having the government work with governorate and municipal councils to face these challenges comprehensively.

Noting Mafraq’s important strategic location, the King called for capitalising on this advantage to attract investment, which would contribute to alleviating some of the challenges in the governorate, which is an important logistical hub.

His Majesty said the developing relations with Iraq will see a boost in cooperation and the activation of agreements between the two countries.

The King instructed the government to tour Mafraq next week and to prepare an action plan with a clear timeline for development priorities in the governorate, including the Baghdad Highway, and expanding the city.

His Majesty also directed Royal Hashemite Court Chief Yousef Issawi to visit Mafraq next week with the government team to follow up on the governorate’s development needs, noting that poverty and unemployment are the biggest challenges, which require intensive efforts to address.

Mafraq representatives and community leaders who spoke at the meeting thanked the King for the visit and commended His Majesty’s efforts to safeguard Jerusalem.

They called for building an effective partnership between the governorate council and government institutions to meet residents’ development needs.

Mafraq leaders congratulated the King on receiving the Lamp of Peace award, in recognition of His Majesty’s efforts to promote peace in the region and the world, commending the King’s role in supporting interfaith harmony and dialogue.

Also speaking at the meeting, Royal Hashemite Court Chief Issawi highlighted a number of Royal initiatives that will be implemented in Mafraq in coordination with the governorate council, focusing on promoting income-generating projects.

Deputy Prime Minister and Minister of State Rajai Muasher also highlighted government projects in the governorate in the fields of investment, education, health, public works, agriculture, water, and education.

Adviser to His Majesty for Communication and Coordination Bisher Al Khasawneh, Special Adviser to His Majesty Manar Dabbas, Adviser to His Majesty for Tribal Affairs Saad Hayel Srour, and Interior Minister Samir Mubaideen attended the meeting.

From His Majesty King Abdullah II’s remarks during a meeting with representatives and key figures from Mafraq governorate