Cooperation with NASA

The Hashemite Royal Family has a long standing record of involvement in youth programs and education in the Kingdom. His Royal Highness Crown Prince Al Hussein follows in the Hashemite footsteps by establishing contact with and building a relationship with NASA Ames, Moffett Field, California, to afford Jordanian youth with a rare opportunity to become interns at the prodigious agency.

The collaboration between Jordan and NASA encompasses internships for Jordanians interested in pursuing a career in technology as well as a joint NASA/Jordanian team collaborating on building and programming a Nano satellite such as a Cubesat. This initiative seeks to inspire young Jordanian engineers, and provides a great boost to their careers as well as opportunities for further academic training. It also supports Jordan’s efforts at building a cadre of highly qualified professionals in the technology and research sectors.

 In March 2014, Dr. Pete Worden the Director of NASA Ames Research Center in California and Dr. Belgacem Jaroux, Associate Director for Engineering at NASA Ames visited HRH Crown Prince Al Hussein’s office for a meeting with University Deans in which Jordanian university students presented their innovations to the NASA delegation.  Grade eleven and twelve students of many schools were treated to a lecture by Dr. Worden on the topic entitled “The Future of Exploration of Our Solar System”

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  • I never imagined myself standing in front of an audience and expressing myself, but Haqiq gave me strength and showed me that I have all that it takes to overcome my fears
    Mohammad Salem, a ninth grader from Deir Alla
  • His Royal Highness’ initiative was launched to deal with a sensitive and persistent issue that has been challenging the sports sector in Jordan. Sports teams and leagues will benefit from this initiative that will qualify athletic therapists specialists; which will provide a sense of safety for the athletes and will eventually reflect positively on their athletic performance
    Doc. Atef Rweidan, Al Hussein Youth City General Manager
  • The acquisition of self-defense techniques was their favorite achievement. We used to be told that girls could not perform activities that involve physical force,” they said, adding that martial arts have strengthened their self-esteem and discipline
    Zeina Saqer, Siham Kiswani and Farah Odeh
  • A Dream, an ambition and hope that is coming to life….. thank you Your Royal Highness and may we always be moving forward to be what we ought to be; always in the lead
    Mr. Khaled Zeidan, psychotherapist and field injuries specialist
  • An important and highly valued initiative as it is concerned with the lives and safety of our young athletes that are always aiming on raising Jordan’s flag at international championship. It also sheds the light on the importance and role of qualified athletic therapists
    Mrs. Lana Jaghbeer, Jordanian Olympic Committee Secretary General